About us

Who are we?

SandCoast Skeinery is Kerry and Talei Langley - a mum and daughter, originally from Vancouver, Canada, who live on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. We are a tiny business with our dye studio in Kerry’s home. SandCoast Skeinery exists because we just love playing with fibres and colours. Talei has a day job as the Art Collection Manager at Te Manawa in Palmerston North. Kerry is a retired microbiologist. We both love fibre arts.

Our yarn bases

At SandCoast Skeinery we try hard to source our bases from ethical local suppliers. We value supporting local farmers and avoiding where possible unnecessary transport. Currently choices are limited for New Zealand mills that will supply at the modest quantities we need so we do occasionally source from overseas.  At the moment most of our yarn comes from Wild Earth Yarns in Christchurch.

Please contact us you have any questions at all about our values or our specific yarn bases, we are passionate about what we do and welcome your interest.

Portuguese Knitting

If you see Talei and Kerry at any events you will notice we knit with the yarn around our necks. This very old style of knitting is popularly known as ‘Portuguese knitting’ though it is practised in many countries around the world. We find this style of knitting is super easy to learn, makes for more even tension and is easier on the body. We occasionally run workshops on Portuguese knitting.

Please contact us if you would like us to run a Portuguese knitting workshop for your group.